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Aims & scope

Experimental & Translational Stroke Medicine has temporarily paused publication and will re-launch in early 2016 with a revised scope encompassing more clinical research alongside its existing focus on experimental and translational stroke research.

Submissions to the journal are still welcomed, but authors should be aware that any manuscript editorially accepted will be held for publication until the time of re-launch in early 2016. Please contact etsm@biomedcentral.com with any questions.

Experimental & Translational Stroke Medicine is an open access journal presenting original research, review and comment articles on any topic that relates to identifying and solving problems in experimental, translational and clinical stroke research and related cerebrovascular diseases.

By offering a high-visibility forum for new insights and discussions, the journal helps improve the quality of experimental stroke research in order to increase the rate of successful translation of innovative treatment strategies into clinical practice.

Hot topic articles



Platelet rich clots are resistant to lysis by thrombolytic therapy in a rat model of embolic stroke

Tomkins AJ, Schleicher N, Murtha L, Kaps M, Levi CR, Nedelmann M and Spratt NJ

Experimental & Translational Stroke Medicine 2015, 7:2

Animal models


Docosahexaenoic acid improves behavior and attenuates blood–brain barrier injury induced by focal cerebral ischemia in rats

Hong SH, Khoutorova L, Bazan NG and Belayev L

Experimental & Translational Stroke Medicine 2015, 7:3

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